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Reusable Hemp Makeup Pads
Reusable Hemp Makeup Pads
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Reusable Hemp Makeup Pads

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These handmade 100% hemp cotton round makeup wipes are perfect for those seeking to reduce their waste. Use for washing your face and taking off makeup and there is nothing to throw away afterward! They come in a set of 5 packed in recycled paper. Each wipe is double-sided (2 plies) — two layers sewn together for a better clean-up.  


100% natural and organic hemp.

Handmade in the Northumbria by the lovely Paula.

Come in a set of 5.

Dimensions approx 9-10 cm.

Long-lasting and durable. Packaged in recycled paper.  

Directions: After using them just throw them in a wash bag and put them in the washing machine. Then they are ready to use again!  

Ingredients: 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton.