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Promoting products and causes is where Her and Earth outshines the rest. Her and Earth Spotlighting celebrates our sellers’ stories and the amazing work they do. We are more than just a marketplace. Created by women, for women, we fight for the people behind the products, those who’ve worked tirelessly to make them possible and have a story to be told. We also advocate issues we fundamentally believe in, pushing values, missions, and visions from women around the world.

Our Ethical Christmas Gifting Guide

Nov 25, 2021 

At Her and Earth, we know Christmas shopping can be an overwhelming time, so we’ve created an Ethical Christmas Gifting Guide for you, to make it that bit easier to treat the ones you love with products that will love them, and the Earth, back.

Tabitha Eve - Supplier Spotlight

Nov 11, 2021 

“I set out to make truly ethically made items that are not only reusable but also beautiful”, says Debbie...

Peri and Me

Oct 18, 2021 

Over the last 18 months I started to notice many things about me changing. I’m 42 years old and hadn’t even contemplated that I could be starting ‘the change’ as many people call it...

Periods, Plastic-Waste and Sustainable Alternatives

Oct 01, 2021 

It’s pretty much common knowledge these days that the large majority of period products on the market are far from sustainable.

It’s a Matter of Pride, Period.

Oct 01, 2021 

Rustling in the front pocket of my bag, under the desk, hoping no-one notices me slip a tampon up my sleeve. Slowly and carefully unwrapping tampons in public toilet cubicles, so that no one would hear and subsequently figure out that I’m on my period. Hide, at all costs, any sign of the fact that I have a period at all. 

Wax in, Wax out: A Short History of Pubic Hair

Oct 01, 2021 

Our relationship with our pubes is complicated. Waxing, shaving, lasering and plucking are expensive, painful processes that require painstaking effort and commitment. Despite this, our obsession with pubic presentation has pushed us to surprising extremes since the beginning of civilisation.