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Tabitha Eve - Supplier Spotlight

Debbie Rees  |   11 NOVEMBER 2021

Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve is one of Britain’s most loved sustainable brands and the go-to store for the truly eco conscious. Based in South Wales, the company was established in 2018 by entrepreneur Debbie Rees who started her own personal war against wastefulness and plastic pollution, leaving behind a career in finance.

“I set out to make truly ethically made items that are not only reusable but also beautiful”, says Debbie.

Tabitha Eve now have a huge range of homeware, gifts and beauty products, from plastic-free washing up sponges to washable, reusable cosmetic pads. You'll find beautifully made items for your kitchen to your bathroom, your hair to your skin care regime, and everything in between. This indie business sources the most ethically produced raw materials and takes every step to minimise waste at all stages of production.

Longevity and reusability are at the forefront when it comes to product creation. Cut fabric waste is a major problem in the textile industry, which is why all items are designed based on fabric widths so as to avoid excess waste, and off-cuts are turned into other products wherever possible. Scrap fabric is offered to schools and/or customers free of charge.

Tabitha Eve also offer their “imperfect products” (that’s those that might be slightly wonky or less “pretty” than they’d like) at a heavy discount in regular clearance sales for consumers. As long as the item is functional, they believe all products made in their studio should be given every opportunity to avoid being thrown away! 

The vast majority of Tabitha Eve's beautiful product offering is sewn by hand by their team of sewists based in South Wales. They're a small team of amazingly talented creators, all of whom are paid at least the living wage and offered a share in the profit of the business each year.

Tabitha Eve believe small changes have the potential to make a big difference when it comes to global plastic waste and climate change and their aim is to encourage us all to switch out our single-use purchases for reusable alternatives. Oh, and everything they make is vegan AND cruelty free.

Debbie, their founder, believes in the power of business for good, and supports various charities through the sale of Tabitha Eve products. They have a range of PRIDE themed make up rounds, through which a proportion of each sale is donated to a charity supporting the LGBTQ community. You'll also find "international women" themed reusable menstrual pads, the profits of which are used to provide donations to peri-natal mental health charity Mothers for Mothers.

From their bestselling Reusable Kitchen None Sponge - developed in Debbie's conservatory and the initial inspiration behind Tabitha Eve - to Cotton Dish Cloths, reusable nail pads or their gorgeous selection of gift sets and eco-friendly wrapping solutions, Tabitha Eve have everything you need to start building a more sustainable life, with products that you really can feel good about, and that look great in your home!

Shop today or find them online @tabithaeveco.